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 Making Chaga Tea is fun and easy!

 2oz. Chaga (Raw, Wild Harvested)

Chaga is Keystone Herbs Premier Powerhouse Mushroom!

After consuming Chaga regularly for nearly three years, I understand why its known as the “King of the Medicinal Mushrooms”.  If you are looking for incredibly clear skin, mental calm and clarity, as well as physical vibrancy, Chaga is here for you.

All Medicinal Mushrooms are special and powerful, but Chaga outperforms.

It contains an outrageously high 25% antioxidant content which is thanks to its extremely high levels of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).  Superoxide Dismutase is an aggressively protective antioxidant enzyme that is highly anti-inflammatory. It is also huge in repairing the body and aiding regeneration.  Studies show that SOD levels drop as toxins increase in our bodies as we age. There are studies explaining that sea turtles sustain high levels of SOD long into their old age, science is making a connection between our SOD enzyme levels in our bodies and longevity.

Chaga has immune system enhancing properties which regulate our immune systems for optimal performance.

This means a few different things…


1. Chaga calms an over-active immune system (auto immune, allergies,ect.) and it wakes up a sleepy or under-active immune system.  Chaga has a unique melanin complex that has been found to be protective to our genes and DNA.

2. Chaga contains an array of B vitamins, amino acids, and it protects against radiation and environmental hormone disruptors.  This Medicinal Mushroom is also anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-candida.

3. This herb has become an allie and a life long friend of mine.  I couldn’t imagine not consuming this mushroom on a regular basis and   using it as the base for all of my herbal drinks.  It’s like a blanket of reassurance and protection for me and its part of my life.  Chaga may be the keystone herb for anyone wishing to maintain youthfulness, vibrancy, and to build physical immunity.

I am happy to be able to search out, pick, and provide the highest quality Chaga possible for you.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Supplement Facts: Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) Wild,Raw

Other Ingredients: None

Suggested Use: 1 cup, twice daily, or more as recommended by your health care professional

Size 2 oz. – Price: $20  

Size 4 oz. – Price: $36  

Size 8oz.  – Price: $66   

Size 16oz. – Price: $97 



 Wild Chaga Extract 1 oz.

Size 1 oz. – Price: $22.97   

Size 2 oz. – Price: $37.97   


Fresh Turkey Tail Extract Just Pressed – Thank you all for your patience!

Turkey Tail Extract 1 oz

Turkey Tail is an annual mushroom that grows every year, far and wide!

Paul Stamets mentioned in his book, “Mycelium Running” that (Turkey Tail) is probably the best-documented medicinal mushroom.  Wild strains of this mushroom typically show remarkable vitality and aggressiveness in culture.  I’ve personally noticed this same amount of vigor and vitality from the Turkey Tail Mushroom in the wild also.

Fresh Turkey Tail after a hard rain is a beautiful treasure to find in the forest. 

These mushrooms are small but strong acting alongside Chaga Tea.

I sometimes like to chew on fresh Turkey Tail Mushrooms while I hike through the forest.  They provide a special compound called Polysaccharide K (PSK). PSK is repsonsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales as an anti-cancer drug in Asia called krestin (stamets,2005)

Just a few reasons I like to incorporate Turkey Tail into my Chaga Tea and Multi-Mushroom Teas…

1. Like other tree mushrooms, Turkey Tail provides a larger array of polysaccharides that are going to do their checks and balances on my immune system to make sure everything is working strongly and efficiently. (The more mushrooms you mix in the tea, the more chances at a larger array of polysaccharides and other nutrients)

2. They are plentiful in the forest, beautiful after a rain, and picking them is like a focused meditation.

3.  They have so many good properties I dont even know where to start. In the personal comments section of explaining Turkey Tail’s profile in his book “Mycelium Running”, Paul Stamets states, “Few mushrooms have as many properties beneficial to humans and the environment as this one.” 

Paul Stamets speaks about Turkey Tail mushroom in his Latest TEDMED Lecture:

Warning: Emotional Content (Paul Stamets Speaks about helping relieve his mother of stage 4 breast cancer with Turkey Tail mushrooms and 2 other drugs.

Directions: I like to put 1 dropper full into tea in the a.m. and 1 dropper full in tea in the p.m. 

Size 1 oz. – Price: $22.97             

Size 2 oz. – Price: $37.97             


High Quality Chaga Dual Extract Ready

Wild Chaga Extract (Dual Extraction) 2oz *Limited Supply*

So far, this is the highest quality extract that I am able to provide at the moment and I’m very proud to present this Wild Chaga Dual Extract.  It has been soaking and releasing nutrients into 190 proof Organic Grape Alcohol for over 6 months.

I have been getting a lot of questions about dual extracts and why they are a superior way to take these medicinal mushrooms. I’ll answer those questions in the space below!


3 Reasons why Dual Extracts are the superior way to take Medicinal Mushrooms…

1. Ease of Use: Whether you’re taking a dual extract, a single extract or a powdered extract, this method of delivering the herb seems to be the easiest for people to use.  Especially if you are traveling and cannot make tea regularly.  Consistency is key with these medicinal mushrooms!

2. Full Spectrum Nutrients from the Mushroom:  You get all the nutrients the mushroom has to offer through Dual Extracts. There are two different sets of nutrients derived from the Chaga Mushroom through this process.

                  First type is the Alcohol Soluble Nutrients.  These are the triterpenoid saponins that provide our body with nutrients that are called “Adaptogens”.  Originally a Pharmacological term, an Adaptogen is described as a metabolic regulator that allows an organism to react to its environment with fluidity and ease.  (I just had a very stressful week of traveling and I used Chaga & Reishi Extract the entire time, I faced many travel hiccups and navigated diversity with ease and had plenty of energy to last me through a weekend that was full of demands) I feel these compounds assist me in handling seemingly difficult situations with clarity and ease without getting stressed or upset.  

                Second type of compound is the Water Soluble Nutrients.  These are what are called the Polysaccharides and Beta-Glucans.  These compounds carry the immune system protection and regulating properties.  Extremely high amounts of an enzyme called Super Oxide Dismutase are found within the water soluble nutrients of this Wild Chaga Extract.

3. Faster and Easier Absorption: With this particular mixture, an extremely clean and strong Organic Grape Alcohol was used.  You can choose to use this dual extract two different ways.

               First way you can use it is putting 1 full dropper under your tongue and holding this extract in your mouth for about 2-3 minutes.  This way is really powerful because the alcohol opens up the vessels in your mouth and the extract is absorbed into the blood stream immediately.  Also the tincture gets signaturized with your saliva when you hold it in your mouth, this way its utilized by your body more effectively after you swallow it.

               Second way you can use the extract is putting 1 full dropper in 2oz of juice or water.  The extract is powerful and a full dropper of it in your mouth might not be a very practical and I can understand that.  By now, I enjoy the effervescence of the Chaga and the alcohol when I use it this way.  It can be a great feeling for some people or terrible for others.  Putting this extract in juice or water works well for a lot of people.

This is a very clean extract made from 190 Proof Organic Grape Alcohol.  The Chaga from this batch was  harvested near a large grove of pines and gently flowing water.

This a serious extract for a serious user who is going to take this Wild Chaga Extract with an intention for building health.  I am only offering this Extract in 2oz bottles at the moment.  This will ensure the user has enough to feel the building effects of the herb when taken over a longer period of time.

Directions: Take one dropper full in a.m. & p.m.

Ingredients: Spring water, Organic Grape Alcohol & Chaga Mushroom

Size 2 oz. – Price: $53   SOLD OUT (Thanks Everyone!)  Expect more Monday, April 16th  


 – Wild Reishi Extract Back In Stock Down Below –

 Thank You All For Waiting Patiently For These Extracts


Wild Reishi Extract 1 oz.

What is the most enjoyable mushroom for me to find in the forest?  REISHI

What Medicinal Mushroom do I add into my daily health practices? REISHI

Out of all herbs available, which do I think is the most magical?  REISHI

I love finding all types of medicinal mushrooms in the forest, but the Reishi Mushroom continues to surprise with its beauty each time I discover it in the forest.

Here are few reasons why I think this mushroom is so special…

1.  Its beautiful color.  If you’re lucky, you can find Reishi when they are fresh and they have different color zones ranging from Red to Orange to Yellow and sealed in white a white strip.

2.   I always seem to find Reishi in very beautiful parts of the woods or nestled way back in the forest among the pines and hemlocks.

3.   They provide an impressive nutritional profile along with chemical compounds that help our bodies reach a fuller potential. 

A Few Interesting Facts On Reishi…

This mushroom is more culturally well know in China and Japan.  In China, Korea, and Japan they have all sorts of art work with Reishi being represented.  Traditionally, the Reishi Mushroom is associated with royalty, health and recuperation, longevity, sexual prowess, wisdom and happiness (stamets, mycelium running, 2005).  After prolonged personal use of Reishi, I can attest to some of these attributes and so can my peers!  (More on this later)

Reishi is THEE most researched medicinal mushroom on the planet.

Why in an alcohol/ethanol extraction?

When you make a tea out of Reishi mushroom you get certain compounds.  When you make an alcohol extraction you get a different set of compounds from the mushroom.  The goal with this extraction is to be able to use the triterpenoids that give the Reishi Mushroom its adaptogenic qualities.

An Adaptogen is a term that refers to any chemical compound that helps the body adapt to certain stressors in its environment.  For example, I notice after about 3 weeks use of Reishi extract that I can handle more projects and tasks without getting overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.  (I want to expand more on this concept in further articles)

This is a mixture of vodka and Reishi Mushroom that soaked for 5 months (Strong!!)

This is where our Reishi Extract comes from:



I take 1 dropper full in the A.M. and P.M

*I notice if I’m taking Reishi regularly and a cold comes on, it never turns into a full blown cold and it lasts for 2 days and goes away*

Size 1 oz. – Price: $19.97    

Size 2 oz. – Price: $37.97   

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