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At Keystone Herbs We Drink Mushroom Tea!


Chaga, Reishi, Horsetail Tea I enjoy everything about the Chaga Tea making process and I’m quit certain it has changed my life.  I prefer wild harvested mushrooms.  I only use spring water for making Chaga Tea. I like to let the mushrooms break down for at least two hours.  After the water in the pot boils down to about half, I like to re-fill the pot to the top with fresh water and then let it boil down to half again.  This creates  a really strong brew.  You can soak flavored tea bags in your  Chaga Tea as it cools down if you like.  I like the taste of Chaga Tea plain by itself.  If I sweeten it, I like to use raw honey.

How To Make Chaga Tea

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Chaga, 2 Quarts (64oz) of Water, Medium Size Boiling Pot With Top

Simply Put: Put a chunk of Chaga into a pot, fill the pot up with water, boil the water for as long as you like, and then let it cool a bit before pouring into a mug, enjoy plain or with your favorite sweetener.

                          * I like to boil it for about 2 hours, the longer the boil, the stronger the tea.  I like the plain taste of Chaga Tea

                            but I also enjoy using raw honey.

More Precise Steps on how to make Chaga Tea:

Step 1:  Put two (2) quarts of water into pot and place the top on the pot
                leaking a crack for some heat to get out, this will help the water build heat,
                but wont heat the water too quickly, which keeps the integrity of the water.
Step 2: Turn a burner on 6 and bring to a boil
Step 3: Take a piece of Chaga the size of a Silver Dollar:
                *You can use a chunk which is easier to work with or
                  you can cut the chaga into very small pieces with a knife
                  to increase surface area of the herb. Some people even powder it.
                  I prefer keeping it simple with just using chunks of Chaga.
Step 4: After the water starts to boil, you can turn the heat down to a 3 or you can
               can choose to leave the dial at 6.  Let the water in the pot boil down to about
               half of the amount in the pot.  This will create a strong brew.
                  *If you’re pressed for time, you can boil it with higher heat for 15-20 minutes
Step 5: Turn off the heat and let the Chaga steep in the pot with the top completely covering the pot
Step 6: If you would like to flavor your Chaga Tea with Mint Leaves or any other herb, now is the time to add it
                to the pot.  Let sit for 15-20 minutes, or just 5 minutes if you like.
Step 7: Strain Chaga tea off into a mason jar, let cool down to a safe temp, enjoy


Quick Coffee Pot Method:

You will need: Coffee warmer or coffee machine, tea cup strainer (single cup strainer), powdered chaga, water

Step 1: Powder your chaga with a vitamix or chop up finely with a knife and you can also use a mortar and pestle to grind up chaga.
Step 2: Place 2 Tea Spoon or Table Spoonful of Chaga in the Coffee Pot
Step 3: Add Water
Step 4: Let hot water mix with chaga for 20 minutes -  Add flavored tea bag if you like. 
Step 5: Strain into cup or mason jar
Step 6: Enjoy wild nutrition!

Crock Pot Method (My favorite method)

Step 1: Fill up a crock pot with water and turn on low
Step 2: Put multiple chunks of Chaga in the crock pot
Step 3: Let the herbs continuously break down in the crock pot (Add more water as needed)
Step 4: Enjoy fresh and strongly brewed Chaga Tea throughout the day from your crock pot
                * This is my favorite way to make my Chaga Tea because you don’t have to babysit a pot on a stove all day.  You can put your herbs in the crock pot, leave for the day, and come home to a strongly brewed, vibrance inducing tea!

How to Use The Wild Mushroom Extracts

Step 1: Use 1 Dropper Full Two Times Per Day A.M. & P.M.  –

Step 2: Put 1 Dropper Full Into 2 ounces of Juice or your favorite drink

*I put 1 Dropper Full underneath my tongue and I close my mouth so the alcohol does not evaporate and I leave it in my mouth for at least 90 seconds.  I feel this method helps the extract transfer into the body really quickly.



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