Chaga Tea and Extract FAQ

The Chaga Mushroom

Thank you for giving me the time to explain how to get the MOST out of your Mushroom Tea (Chaga & Turkey Tail) and your Extracts (Reishi and Chaga).

Lets get started with the FAQ:

1.  How do you make Chaga and Turkey Tail Tea?  

Short answer:  Fill up a pot with water, take a chunk of Chaga (size doesnt matter here) and put in a half hand full of turkey tail (about 7 or so peices) and boil that for 30+ plus, the longer you boil the better it tastes.

YES, re-use same Chaga and Turkey Tail Peices until they no longer change the color of the water.  Get all the nutrients that you possibly can out of all of the mushrooms.

You can go here for the extensive version of how to make Chaga Tea.

2.  How many drops do I use of the Wild Reishi Extract and Wild Chaga Extract?

NOTE: Shake Before Using

1 Dropper Full in a.m. and 1 Dropper Full in p.m.


3.  How do I use the Wild Chaga Extract or Wild Reishi Extract?

You can put a dropper full in your Chaga tea or any other type of tea you may enjoy.  You can put 1 dropper full in your morning juice or your first glass of water in the morning (you can make a 2oz glass of water or juice, put a dropper full in and drink that down quickly).

Many people like to put these extracts in their smoothies.  I think that its more beneficial to use these extracts in tea because in the smoothies you dont always collect all the nutrients that stick to the side of the blender (we want to get everything the extract has to offer and not waste any).

Put in your juice, water, coffee, kombucha, tea… anything you can think of.

4.  Can I take the Wild Reishi Extract and Wild Chaga Extract Together? At The

      Same Time?

Yes and Yes.   I take these two extracts 3 times a day at high doses.  I’ve felt and seen nothing but positive results in my physique, the feelings I have in my body (less inflammation, happier and more cleansed organs, strong kidneys) and a more calm mind.  I also attribute a few other factors and changes in my life to these results, like foraging my own spring water and making sure to move each day (mushroom hunting and hiking in the forest helps a lot!)

5.How long can the Chaga sit out before it goes bad?

About 4 or 5 days whether you use the refrigerator or not.

I use the crock pot method usually which means my Chaga is always hot.  However I DO still use a pot to make mushroom tea and I usually leave it sit in the pot whether the stove is on or not.  I don’t put my Chaga or Turkey Tail Tea in the refrigerator.

6.How long will the Chaga store for?

I recommend taking the Chaga out of the plastic packaging and putting it into a glass container.

These mushrooms will pretty much store as long as you wish with quality and potency in tact.

Since this Chaga Mushroom was dried properly, there will be no issues of any bacteria growing on it (Its natural anti-bacterial activity actually makes sure its preserved and safe for years and years to come) and therefore it will last many many years with the nearly the same level of potency as when it was first dried (These mushrooms are incredible).

7.Can I drink the Chaga Tea Cold?

YES.  This is actually one of my favorite ways to enjoy Chaga Tea.  Plain cold Chaga Tea or mixed with a Vanilla Chai Spice is also great.

8. Some Relatives might not like the taste, can I flavor it with other teas?

Great question and YES!

You can use Chaga and Turkey Tail Tea as the base to ALL of your drinks and soups and broths.  You can mask these nutrients into so many dishes.  You can make chaga tea, strain it off into a coffee mug or tea cup and then put in your favorite tea bag and let that steep for 10-15 minutes.

Lately, I’ve been using loose leaf tea like Ginger and Licorice with my Chaga Tea.  Sometimes I even put a little honey in it and when its time, Pennsylvania Maple Syrup!

More questions? Please click here –> I have a question!

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